The foundation stone of Dharti Industries was laid down in 2000 by Mr. Dhirajlal Patel. The company progressed slowly but steadily and today it is an ISO 9001-2008 company having fully automatic plant facilities for Ground nut edible oil. The brand “Bhumi” groundnut oil is enjoying a large market share of Gujarat region. It has an annual turnover of App. 12 Crores with its spread across whole Gujarat. Although the company is merely 10 years old its founder’s experience of 30 years came more than handy. The company is now growing leaps and bounce under experienced guidance of Mr. Dhirajlal Patel. It is producing standard mechanically micro filtered oil with added Vitamin A & D. All these quality conscious efforts made “Bhumi” one of the leading brand in Gujarat Groundnut oil industry.

Since 2000. We believe that
healthy food is tasty.

Dharti Industries brand Bhumi oil and product is groundnut oil, cottonseed oil, corn oil, sunflower oil has deep faith in god & good quality .converting dreams into reality. It leads them to the good manufacturing plant of India and its turnover touched to the crore rs milestone and supply oil in all over India, you are invited to travel the past present and the future or dharti industries.